What if you had a second chance to be a better person? That is the singular question in Gordon Korman’s novel, Restart. Chase Ambrose was a classic bully. A bully of the worst kind who terrorized fellow classmates and adults alike and who always seemed to get away with it, until…

Restart is a great novel to use in your classroom to address bullying issues and really help students think about how their actions affect others and ultimately themselves.


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Benefits of Using Restart in Your Classroom:

  • Offers a Captivating Storyline: Restart tells the tale of Chase Ambrose, a teenager who wakes up with amnesia, giving readers a unique perspective on identity, personal growth, and the impact of one’s actions. The gripping narrative and relatable characters make it an excellent choice for sparking discussions on morality and self-discovery.
  • Relevant  to Tweens and Teens: Written with a keen understanding of the teenage experience, Restart addresses issues such as friendship, bullying, and the challenges of adolescence. By incorporating these themes, teachers can create a safe space for students to explore their emotions and perspectives.
  • Promotes Empathy: The novel provides an opportunity for students to empathize with the characters’ struggles and mistakes. By examining the consequences of Chase’s actions, teachers can foster a deeper understanding of the impact of one’s behavior on both oneself and others.
  • Encourages Critical Thinking and Discussion: Restart invites critical thinking through its exploration of morality and the consequences of choices. Classroom discussions can explore ethical dilemmas, allowing students to express their opinions, challenge ideas, and develop their analytical skills.
  • Provides Diverse Perspectives: The novel introduces characters from various backgrounds and experiences, promoting inclusivity in the classroom. Teachers can use Restart as a springboard for discussing diversity, fostering a more inclusive learning environment.
  • Offers Cross-Curricular Connections: Integrating Restart into different subjects can enhance the overall learning experience. For example, English teachers can explore literary elements, while social studies instructors can discuss the societal implications of the characters’ actions.
  • Encourages an Enjoyment of Reading: The engaging and relatable nature of the novel can ignite a passion for reading among students. Teachers can leverage this enthusiasm to promote a culture of lifelong learning and curiosity.
  • Meets Educational Standards: Restart aligns with common educational standards, making it a valuable resource for teachers. By incorporating the novel into their lesson plans, educators can address language arts, social studies, and ethical standards seamlessly.

Bringing Restart by Gordon Korman into your classroom will enrich your students’ educational experience. The novel’s compelling storyline, relevance to teenagers, and potential for promoting empathy and critical thinking make it a valuable asset in fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment. As educators work to prepare their students for the challenges of the future, Restart is a helpful tool to lead them towards a more thoughtful and empathetic understanding of themselves and the world around them.

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