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Why Should You Use Novel Studies in Your Classroom?

Funny thing about educational research is if you look hard enough you can usually find studies to support both sides of an issue. Very rarely do you find a straight yes or no answer to what is good or bad theory or practice.

Pros and Cons of Multiple Choice Questioning

To use multiple choice questioning or not, that is the question! I have a strong feeling about multiple choice. It’s more of a hate/love relationship really. In certain instances (a few) I like the option, but in many ways, I try to avoid it.

The Power of El Deafo!

A couple months ago I was partaking in a discussion on Facebook about the factuality of the novel Wonder. Now, I love the book Wonder and feel it has a solid needed place in the classroom, but on the subject of hearing loss which is touched on in the book, I do have definite questions and concerns.

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First Year Flashback

I have to dig deep into my memory to flashback to my first year of teaching during the 1995-96 school year. It is always nice to revisit those times though, and every year new teachers everywhere go through the same struggles. You are not alone and you will get...

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Get Spooky with Bunnicula

Are you looking for a great book to use in the month of October to get your students in the Halloween mood?  Bunnicula by Deborah and James Howe is the perfect book to use right now to capture the mood of the season in a humorous, non-scary way! From the Book...

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