My daughter has made the comment that she didn’t like science because it is “boring”. I was not happy to hear that comment at all, but sadly I can’t say I am surprised. Science used to be a favorite subject of hers but for some unknown reason textbook publishers, and school districts that adopt them, choose science curriculum for the intermediate and older grades that can bore you to tears! They take the fun out of science that you find in the primary curriculum

In primary grades, science is taught within the context of a unit. The students learn the concepts by DOING things, it is fun, interesting, and engaging. Hit the intermediate years and it becomes a system of memorizing vocabulary and reading from a textbook. The fun is removed. WHY? Science curriculum has the potential to be exciting and interesting. Why doesn’t the curriculum reflect that?

I know many have created and adapted the science curriculum to better meet the needs of your students to make it more interesting and engaging. Please share some of your suggestions in the comments section and please share links to great ideas and products that you’ve found to be effective!



Let’s get these exciting lessons into the classrooms around the country to make science FUN instead of boring!