Utilizing technology in classrooms today comes with numerous benefits, yet it’s not without its downsides like glitches and user frustrations. To support educators in leveraging available technology without the hassle of creating their own files, I offer my novel studies and social studies resources in both printable and Google Drive formats.

Given the novelty of these formats, I frequently receive technical queries from buyers. To address these common questions and offer guidance on customizing the files to suit specific requirements, I’ve crafted this blog post featuring answers to these inquiries and a tutorial on file manipulation.

How do I get the file into my Google Drive?

While each of my products includes an instruction guide, occasional issues may still arise. One common oversight is when teachers aren’t logged into their intended Google Drive account to store the purchased file. Clicking the link without being logged in often prompts a request for access, which shouldn’t be necessary after the purchase. Neither you nor your students should need to request access if the instructions have been followed correctly.

The solution typically involves ensuring proper login to your Google Drive before clicking the file link. Once logged in, you can seamlessly share the file via Google Classroom without any access requests needed.

To proceed, ensure you’re logged into your Google Drive and then click the link provided within your resource, resembling this:

A new tab will open with the force copy prompt.

The file will now be visible in your Google Drive account under the name “Copy of File Name.” You can conveniently modify this name to your preference by clicking directly into the name box and making the desired changes.

How can I assign individual chapters or activities to students instead of the whole file?

I aim to streamline and share this content as efficiently as possible. Each Google file I create has a unique link. To prevent confusion, I usually keep unit materials consolidated into a single file link or a few links for larger files divided into sections. This consolidation avoids overwhelming teachers with numerous individual links for chapters or activities.

Understanding the need for flexibility in tailoring materials to suit classroom requirements, I often receive inquiries about sharing specific sections—like a single chapter—with students. To assist in creating customized assignments from your master file, I’ve outlined straightforward steps below for quick customization to meet your specific needs.

Once your master file is in your Google Drive, follow these steps:

The dimensions mentioned earlier apply to all my novel study products. However, for social studies materials, sizes can vary, often set at 12×12. To ensure your file matches the right dimensions and avoids distortion, check the page setup of your master file.

I trust these details and suggestions will assist you in tailoring your files to suit your students’ and classroom’s specific needs. Should you have further queries or need clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out—I’m more than happy to provide tips and clear up any confusion. You can find my email address on the initial page of every file downloaded from my store.