As spring blooms and the weather shifts, I’m sure many of us are itching to step outside. I can only imagine how restless students, confined indoors, must feel! Spring beckons us to venture out, experience the blossoming world—not merely observe it through a window. Nevertheless, school must go on. How do you engage students in learning when their attention drifts with the allure of the outdoors?


Head Outdoors: 

• Allow students to earn additional free time outside. Join in! Play a class game of kickball and get in there and play with them!

• Take the class outside and find a quiet spot for silent or read-aloud time. Some of my favorite teaching memories are sitting under the giant tree on the front lawn of the school and reading with my students.


Add more “get up and move activities” to your day.

These could include review games that allow the children to move.





Have students choose and set a goal for themselves to meet by the end of the school year to give them something individual to focus on and achieve.



Bring a focus on science by creating a community garden for your school.


Based on the resources, especially over the summer, this could consist of spring annuals for beauty or possibly vegetables for nourishment if the resources allow for it.



Some great sites to help come up with outdoor class ideas can be found here:




A community space that they beautify gives the students a sense of pride that they are leaving a legacy behind at their school.



Before you know it, summer will arrive. In the meantime, take a moment to embrace the fragrance of spring flowers, revel in nature, and engage in playful activities with your class. It’s a great way to ease those restless spring fever symptoms for everyone.