Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White is such a wonderful story that has a bit of everything for everyone. It is heartwarming, funny, inspirational, and of course sad. All my students, no matter how tough or cool, have fallen in love with this book. There is a reason it is a classic!


Charlotte’s Web was the first novel unit that I created a novel study and used in my classroom. It’s also the first novel study that I offered for sale. I was trying to think of ways to earn a little extra money to pay the preschool tuition for my son when I wondered if anyone would be interested in purchasing the novel units that I had created for my classroom. I decided to give it a shot and posted my Charlotte’s Web Novel Unit to see what would happen and from there The Teaching Bank was born!

I have used this book in several different ways in my classroom. First, I have used it as a read-aloud to spark a sense of community. Reading, discussing, laughing, and crying together bring about a sense of class community.

Mostly, I have used this book as a whole class novel unit or as a reading circle or book club unit. I have also used this book as an independent study unit for students.

Try a free sample of the novel study for Charlotte’s Web HERE.

Whether you use this book for the whole class, small group, as individual instruction, or as a read-aloud, you will find your students really truly enjoying the beauty of friendship in the story. Even if you don’t use the unit in your class make sure that you include this book in a class library for your students to read. Whatever you do make sure your students have access to this book! It is so much fun and really opens up the reading world for those reluctant readers!

You can purchase this novel study which contains both a printable and a Google Drive™ format at the following locations:

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