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Why Should You Use Novel Studies in Your Classroom?

Funny thing about educational research is if you look hard enough you can usually find studies to support both sides of an issue. Very rarely do you find a straight yes or no answer to what is good or bad theory or practice.

Pros and Cons of Multiple Choice Questioning

To use multiple choice questioning or not, that is the question! I have a strong feeling about multiple choice. It’s more of a hate/love relationship really. In certain instances (a few) I like the option, but in many ways, I try to avoid it.

How To Teach Novel Studies: Part 1 Comprehension

Some of my most vivid childhood memories of school were the novel studies that we read for various subjects. It was my most favorite way to learn skills, history, any topic really! I am a lover of books and getting to read an entire book from cover to cover as a school assignment put me in heaven! I am sure this is a major reason why as a teacher my passion is to create and teach is novel studies!

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The Wonderment of Tuck Everlasting

Would you choose to live forever if you had the option? That is the key question in Natalie Babbitt's novel, Tuck Everlasting. At first thought, we all think, of course, but this novel will make you think twice about what living forever would really mean. Would you...

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