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An exciting and heartwarming book to use in the classroom is Stone Fox, by John Reynolds Gardiner!

From the Back Cover: 
A Race Against Time! 

Little Willy’s Grandfather is sick, and it’s up to Willy to save their farm from the tax collectors. Their only hope is the prize money from the National Dogsled Race. But a lot of other people want to win the race, including Stone Fox, who has never lost a race in his life. 

Do Willy and his dog, Searchlight stand a chance against the toughest racers around? Can they win the race to save the farm-and Grandfather- before it’s too late?

This is a great book to read in the spring during the Iditarod. Students can follow along with the race in real time as they read the book.

I used this novel study every year in my 4th-grade class. My students always enjoyed the book with its heartfelt story, action, adventure, and lessons on courage and perseverance. It is a great book to draw in reluctant readers.